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Alyssa Digges, Theatre Artist

Alyssa Digges is an actress, educator, and writer originally from Chicago. She does most of her work in musical theatre and was excited to make her New York City debut in Uproar Theatre Corps’ Anything Goes Cabaret in April. She is a graduate student in Educational Theatre in Colleges and Communities at New York University and is set to graduate in December of 2018. Recently, she directed a production of Creep at New York University as part of their Youth Theatre Ensemble Showcase. She has enjoyed her time in TAP immensely and looks forward to continuing her career as an artist and educator.

TAP Work:

"Through TAP, I had the opportunity to work with two incredibly skilled and talented Teaching Artists, Rachael Schefrin and Jessie Paddock, in a third grade classroom at P.S. 132 in Washington Heights. The students at P.S. 132 were intelligent and creative and surprised me with the wonderful, thoughtful poetry and art they created. I learned so much working with those students and with Rachael and Jessie and I am incredibly grateful for the experience."

Most Memorable TAP Moment:

“My most memorable TAP moment was teaching my lesson to the third graders at P.S. 132. It was my first time teaching a solo theatre lesson, and it was incredibly rewarding. We explored the concept of plot through reading and embodying the book Oliver Button is a Sissy. The students were engaged and enthusiastic, and it made me wish I had the chance to teach more than one lesson!”

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