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I have had a successful and exciting career as a touring musician, songwriter, music theatre and film actor. I am also a mindfulness practitioner for over 15 years and teacher of mindfulness to children and adults for over five years. There has always been a “tug” at my heart to work with young people, specifically those who are faced with disadvantages that present barriers to their development, well-being and overall success in life. Throughout the span of my touring career, I was often afforded the opportunity to work with children and young adults as a performance coach helping them to shed their performance anxiety - and self-consciousness in general – while learning to trust in themselves in the process. This part of my career path became my most treasured experience and I am currently making a transition from full time performer to teacher and teaching artist.

  • 2021 TAP Graduate
    2021 TAP Graduate
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Dana Fuchs
2021 TAP Graduate
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