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Since childhood, I have been enthralled with comics focused on social justice. The Indian comic “Birbal the Just” was my favorite because he was the champion of fairness. Gaining knowledge through popular culture and illustrated books that a child could read, I realized early, the power of multiple forms of art—storytelling and visual art and especially, the cumulative combination of both. This led me to my current practice and mission: bringing together artists with various styles and art forms to inspire each other and create something altogether new, growing community connections and a greater understanding of the power of art, in interdisciplinary fashion.

In my painting practice, I explore psychology through watercolor and acrylic paint, weaving realistic depiction and abstraction of figures and faces to create an overall image of honest emotion. Eschewing expected facial features, chests and limbs, realistic colors, and conventional positioning, my paintings describe who my subject is, over depicting their appearance. Through these painting techniques and responding to the chemistry of my pigments as much as my subjects, I create psychological studies rooted in my own battle with mental illness. Psychology, pop culture, science, science-fiction, and fantasy inform my work, guiding my strokes, balancing my mind while I balance my compositions.

These two practices culminate in teaching. Teaching is the discipline of paying it forward--in my case, through art--changing the world, through one person or group of persons at a time.

  • 2021 TAP Graduate
    2021 TAP Graduate
Anu Annam
2021 TAP Graduate
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